Problems that can arise if you do not sleep

Physicians and public health experts say that if a person does not get the right amount of sleep regularly, he can continue to suffer from physical and mental problems that can ruin a beautiful life.

Problems that can arise if you do not sleep

Problems that can arise if you do not sleep

Prof. Dr. Manilal Ich Litu, General Secretary of Bangladesh Association of Surgeons for Sleep Apia, says that global research has shown that 45-50 percent of the people suffer from sleep problems at this time Corona epidemic which is causing various problems, including depression.

“Experts say there is now a sleep epidemic. The reasons for this are Corona losing jobs, worries about income, Blue Light effect (response to children’s mobile or device use), increased domestic violence and work anxiety, Corona panic, alcohol and smoking.” He was talking to BBC Bangla about the growing problems.

However, there has not been much research on sleep in Bangladesh, so there is no information about how many people have insomnia and its cause.

Manilal Ich Litu says that one of the major causes of sleep problems in Bangladesh is the lack of proper ‘sleep culture’, i.e. the lack of a well-established habit of eating dinner on time.

“Most people here don’t have the habit of adhering to dinner and going to bed. It’s also an important factor in creating sleep problems.”

For all these reasons, today, on World Sleep Day, importance is being given to regular sleep. The main theme of this day is “Regular Sleep: Healthy Future”.

The World Sleep Day Committee of the World Association of Sleep Medicine observes the day on the third Friday of March every year. Its main purpose is to inform people about the physical and mental damage caused by lack of sleep.


What does it mean not to sleep regularly?

Mahbuba Mithu, a housewife in Dhaka, says she gets an average of 4/5 hours of sleep a day to take care of household chores and children.

“What can I do, baby? I can’t sleep if I want to. I have to wake up again and again for the baby when I sleep after work all day. As a result, I can’t sleep for 7/8 hours,” he told BBC Bangla.

Dr Sharmeen Yasmeen says that even if it is not eight hours, at least six hours, if one cannot sleep regularly, sleep or irregular sleep is a problem.

“And if this problem is regular, it has a serious effect on life. It also affects work. Because it distracts, creates various neurological problems, including blood pressure.

This can happen if you do not sleep.


Lack of sleep can lead to various physical problems. A review of 153 studies found that sleep deprivation was linked to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. These studies have been conducted on about 5 million people.

Studies have shown that if you are sleepless for a few consecutive nights, it can lead to diabetes. Such insomnia reduces the body’s ability to control blood glucose levels.


Dr. Manilal Ich Litu says that if one does not get proper sleep regularly for three months, the risk of premature death, heart attack, and stroke increases ten times.

“Late sleep or lack of sleep leads to panic, phobia, and phantom pain, which leads to depression and anxiety. And the lack of a sleeping culture among the people of Bangladesh also increases the incidence of sleep problems,” he says.


The public health expert said. Mushtaq Hossain says, “The right level of immunity in the body is reached when you get the right amount of regular sleep. Again, regular sleep disturbances or insomnia can lead to serious physical and mental problems,” he told BBC Bangla.


Another public health expert said. Sharmeen Yasmin says sleep deprivation can lead to physical problems and endanger a person’s professional life.

“Lack of sleep can have a devastating effect on work. Lack of sleep reduces the ability to concentrate. It becomes difficult to do normal tasks properly,” he said. “Work will be affected. Attention will be lost. Neurological problems will be created. Mental instability will occur. So even at least 4/5 hours a day, sound sleep is important,” he said.

He said that the mental problems arising from this sleep problem could ruin the family’s happiness and peace. And to stay free from these problems, Dr. has emphasized the habit of sleeping properly in regular doses. Manilal Ich Litu. 

Source: BBC Bangla

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